Upgrade guide

    Upgrade from the same major version

    The next steps are valid for upgrade any version from the same major version. The major version is the first digit from the value, for example, Bludit v3.x.

    1. Make a full backup, all files and directories.
    2. Remember which version of Bludit you are using for a possible roll-back.
    3. Download the latest version from the official page.
    4. Extract the zip file.
    5. Replace existing files with the new files.
    6. Log into the admin area and check your settings.
    7. Done.

    Upgrade Bludit from v2.3.4 to Bludit v3.0

    To do the migration, we recommend the tool created by @anaggh, please read the follow considerations and also read the process in his repository. If you have any question you can ask in the forum or in the chat.

    Consideration before the migration


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