Delete a page


    Delete a page.

    All requests to the API need the API Token. You can find the token in the API plugin settings.

    Admin panel > Plugins > API > API Token

    For all requests to the API for write content, you'll need to provide the Authentication Token. To get this token, you need a user with Administrator role. Get the Authentication Token from the user profile.

    Admin panel > Manage > Users > {Username} > Security > Authentication Token

    HTTP Request

    DELETE /api/pages/{key}


    key value Default value
    required token string API Token.
    required authentication string Authentication token.


    HTTP Code: 200
    Content-Type: application/json
        "status": "0",
        "message": "Page deleted."

    CURL command example

    The following curl example shows how to delete a page with the key my-dog.

    $ curl  -X DELETE \
        --data "token=24a8857ed78a8c89a91c99afd503afa7" \
        --data "authentication=193569a9d341624e967486efb3d36d75" \
        -H "Content-Type: application/json" \

    Response Body

        "status": "0",
        "message": "Page deleted.",
        "data": {
            "key": "my-dog"