Delete a page

    Bludit API provides the features to edit a page.

    All request to the API need the API Token, you can find the token in the settings of the plugin.

    All request to the API to write content is necessary to provide an Authorization Token. This token is only available on users with the role ADMINISTRATOR. You can get the Authorization Token on Admin panel > Manage > Users > {Username} > Edit User > Authentication Token > Token.


        "token": "<TOKEN>",
        "authentication": "<AUTHENTICATION_TOKEN>"


        "status": "0",
        "message": "Page deleted."

    CURL command example

    The follow curl example shows how to delete a page with the key my-dog.

    $ curl  -X DELETE \
        --data "token=24a8857ed78a8c89a91c99afd503afa7" \
        --data "authentication=193569a9d341624e967486efb3d36d75" \
        -H "Content-Type: application/json" \


        "status": "0",
        "message": "Page created.",
        "data": {
            "key": "my-dog"
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