Content basics


    Bludit has five types of content:


    Pages can be treated as a regular page or a post (blog post). In the end, the concept of page is just a name. Pages can be ordered by date or by position.

    For example, if you are interested in creating a blog, you can order the pages by date. If you are interested in creating a website with the pages in a specific order, you can order the pages by position.

    Bludit orders the pages by date by default, but you can change this from the settings by going to Settings > General > Advanced > Order content by.


    Static pages are set to not appear on the homepage; these pages are still published, and can be accessed via the URL. These kind of pages are useful for pages such as About, Terms and conditions, Privacy, or Contact us. Themes will generally show links to these pages at the top of your site.

    To create this kind of page, while you are creating the content, go to the Options tab, and select the type Type > Static.


    Sticky pages are the same as a normal page, but appear before all other published pages on the home page.


    Draft pages allow the user to create content without publishing it until it's ready. Draft pages are only accessible via the administration panel.

    To set a page as a draft, click the 'Publish' button at the top of the content page (it has a small green icon next to it, and is located next to the 'Save' and 'Preview' buttons). The button will toggle between 'draft' and 'publish' when clicked. Once draft is selected, click save to ensure the changes.


    Scheduled pages are not published until a time and date set by the user. You can schedule a page to publish itself in the next few minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months.

    To select the date, go to the Options tab and set the date in the Date field while you are creating the content.