API Introduction


    The Bludit API (Application Programming Interface) plugin is designed to provide an easy way to integrate other systems with Bludit. With this plugin, you can retrieve or update data from the database with a simple HTTP request.


    Bludit comes with the API plugin pre-installed, you only need to activate it.

    Go to Admin panel > Plugins > API > Activate.


    The URL of the API is:




    Endpoints and Methods

    endpoint method description
    /pages GET Returns a list of pages
    /pages/{key} GET Returns a page, filtered by the page key
    /pages POST Create a new page
    /pages/{key} PUT Edit a page
    /pages/{key} DELETE Delete a page
    /tags GET Returns a list of tags and pages keys related to the tag
    /tags/{key} GET Returns a tag information, filtered by the tag key

    HTTP Response

    The response format is JSON, here is a list of keys from the JSON object.

    key type description
    message string Returns a little message about the execution.
    data array The content of the response for the endpoint.

    HTTP status code

    HTTP code description
    200 Response successfull.
    400 Bad request, missing inputs.
    401 The API token or authentication token is missing or is wrong.