Installation guide

    Install Bludit in a few steps.

    1. Download the latest version from the official page.
    2. Extract the zip file.
    3. Upload the extracted content of the zip file to the directory of your server/hosting, where Bludit will be installed. This can be the root directory or a subdirectory like for example /bludit.
    4. Open the directory with the installation in your browser. If it is in the root directory, if it is in a subdirectory for example
    5. Follow the Bludit Installer to configure the website.
    Bludit tries to find your timezone automatically but it is recommended to check it after the installation at: **Admin Panel > Settings > Language > Timezone**
    Web Server
    If you have some issues with the installation you can check the section Web Servers. Apache - Nginx
    Upload files
    You can use an FTP or SFTP client or WebFTP to upload files to the hosting.